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Estimated Time

Dr. Fredrick van Nus Preserve

2 hours

Est. 2011

80 Acres

Open May to November


About the Preserve

This LSWC Preserve lies at the Carp River headwaters in Prince Township’s Precambrian Shield country. An enjoyable 2-km section of the Voyageur Trail loops through the Preserve’s rolling hardwood forest uplands, across beaver dams, past wetlands and rocky outcroppings. 

  • Voyageur Trail section

Trail Highlights
  • Beaver dam 

  • Wetland

  • Streams

  • Rock outcroppings

  • Rolling topography through mixed hardwood forest

  • Erratic boulders deposited by the last glaciers

  • Upland Hardwood

  • Beaver Meadows 

  • Watershed Streams

  • The property is within the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Forest region

  • Top of Carp River watershed flowing to the St. Marys River ​​​

Species in the Area


  • Sugar and red maple

  • Red oak 

  • Trembling and large-toothed aspen

  • Ironwood

  • Yellow and white birch

  • White pine

  • White spruce

  • White cedar

  • Tamarack


Ground Cover:

  • White and red trillium

  • Dutchman’s breeches

  • Trout lily


Other Flora:

  • Ferns

  • Mushrooms

  • Ground hemlock

  • Sassafras

  • Indian pipe 

  • False Solomon’s-Seal



  • Moose

  • Black bear

  • Red fox

  • White-tailed deer 

  • Raccoon

  • Coyote

  • Red squirrel

  • Chipmunk



  • Winter wrens

  • Red-eyed vireos

  • Chickadees

  • Warblers

  • Thrushes

  • Raptors

  • Hawks

Recommended Activities
  • Hiking on Voyageur Trail

  • Birdwatching

  • Nature Study

Other Information

Where suitable footwear for rough ground, and be prepared for insects particularly in June and July.


The trail is open May to November because Marshall Road access is only plowed in part way after the first snowfall.


Access via Voyageur Trail east off Marshall Drive, Prince Township.


2 km of trail is under construction with the Voyager Trail Association. 

Voyageur Trail crew clearing the trail. ©GaryMcGuffin

Voyageur Trail crew clearing the trail.

A beaver meadow on the preserve. ©GaryMcGuffin

A beaver meadow on the preserve.

Sault College Parks students assisting LSWC with the trail route planning. ©GaryMcGuffin

Sault College students assisting with trail route planning.


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