Gargantua Islands Preserve

Est. 2011

20 Islands

Open May to October


About the Preserve

The archipelago extending from Gargantua Harbour north around Cape Gargantua consists of islands ranging in size from small rocky shoals half an acre in size to ones as large as 54 acres with sheer cliffs.  Most striking is the geology of pockmarked basaltic rock, colourful pebble beaches, red rhyolite and the sculpted island silhouettes. Batchewana First Nation refers to this region of their unceded traditional territory as Nanaboozhung. 


The LSWC refers to the Devil's Chair as Nanabijou's Chair, and Devil's Warehouse as Nanabijou's Island. These places have cultural and spiritual significance to indigenous communities in the area.  

  • Washrooms at Warp Bay and Gargantua Harbour Access

  • Bear-proof storage boxes at Warp Bay

  • Marked Lake Superior Coastal Trail

Trail Highlights
  • 20 LSWC Preserve Islands

  • Gargantua River Waterfall

  • Gargantua Cliff Lookout

  • Warp Bay Beach

  • Nanabijou's Chair Island

  • The underwater wreck of the Columbus in Gargantua Habour

  • Lake Superior East Coast

  • Boreal Forest

Species in the Area
  • Veery Thrushes

  • Bald Eagles

  • Peregrine Falcons

Recommended Activities
  • ​​Birdwatching

  • Canoeing​

  • Camping

  • Geology

  • Hiking​

  • Kayaking

  • Hiking on the Lake Superior Park Coastal Hiking Trail

  • Paddling along the Lake Superior Water Trail

Other Information

Gargantua Road opens early to mid-May depending on road conditions and is closed and gated at the end of October.


Please be advised that weather conditions can change fast along the coast of Lake Superior.


All access and camping are made available through Lake Superior Provincial Park. Please see the Park's website for information and fees.

LSWC exploring Nanabijou's Island ©GaryMcGuffin

LSWC exploring Nanabijou's Island

Nanabijou's Chair ©GaryMcGuffin

Nanabijou's Chair Island

Warp Bay ©GaryMcGuffin

Warp Bay


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