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Lake Superior Watershed Conservancy

The Lake Superior Watershed Conservancy (LSWC) is a charitable non-profit organization in Canada and the United States. The LSWC is a land trust that strives to be an international model for freshwater protection. To sustain a healthy Lake Superior watershed for future generations, the LSWC facilitates the implementation of replicable projects within the watershed. The LSWC is the lead steward organization of the Lake Superior Water Trail and maintains several land trust preserves.

Our Vision

Our Mission

Creating a future that supports healthy wild places, thriving people and vibrant communities around Lake Superior.

We're all connected!

Supporting the vitality of the Lake Superior Watershed by linking communities through conservation, education and active participation.


  • Connect and inspire people, communities, organizations, and businesses who bring a variety of expertise and skills to achieve a healthy watershed​

  • Respect the diversity of cultures and perspectives acting to conserve and protect the Lake Superior watershed


  • Educate and promote stewardship of the cultural, social, physical, economic, and environmental benefits of a healthy and protected Lake Superior watershed

  • Provide information to the public founded on objective and responsible research methods


  • Provide people and communities with tools to build upon the economic, social and cultural resources available from a healthy and protected Lake Superior watershed

  • Provide tools and platforms for innovative initiatives that align with our Mission

How big is the watershed?

The Lake Superior watershed holds 10% of the world’s surface freshwater. The Lake's water surface area is 82,100 sp. km, however, the watershed extends further to a total of 127,700 sq. km; that's almost as large as Greece

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