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Gary McGuffin

Board Director

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As a conservation photographer and wilderness explorer, Gary knows the northern Ontario and Great Lakes landscape intimately.  He has spent more than 30 years with his wife Joanie travelling in all seasons and sharing their stories through digital media, newsprint, magazines, television, and radio advocating for careful stewardship of our land and waters.


For 15 years, Gary has been championing the watershed of Lake Superior and is a founder of the Conservancy.  His most recent photography and research project tracking where the Group of Seven made their famous sketches in northern Ontario, culminated in the production of the film Painted Land: In Search of the Group of Seven.  The film highlights one of the Group’s most famous painting regions; the North Shore of Lake Superior. 


Gary and Joanie developed the strategy for Trans Canada Trail’s 1000 km/600 mile Lake Superior Water Trail—a project that is being implemented by the Conservancy.  Recently Trans Canada Trail officially made the McGuffins National Champions of The Great Trail.

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