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Shana Shipperbottom

Board Director

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Shana loves working outdoors as an Interpretive Guide and calls the shores of Lake Superior her home in Goulais River, ON.  Since coming to live in Algoma, she has realized more than ever the importance of the watershed and the actions of people that live within it.  Nature has played an important part in her life since she was a small child and has influenced her decision-making processes throughout her life. Shana feels it is important to help keep our beautiful watershed healthy for people to use and enjoy for years to come.


Her background and career has focused on community building and mobilizing in social services.  Shana loves building new relationships with people and understands how important it is through her fundraising work at United Way.


Her volunteerism focused on the areas of politics, labour and the environment and found the most fulfillment when the three were woven together. Her experience is on committees such as Hamilton Blue Dot which advocated for the right to a healthy environment. She also worked on a campaign in Hamilton to shift to Greener Jobs for a More Sustainable Economy.  She currently works at Group Health Centre in Sault Ste Marie and is a trustee for the Goulais Mission Local Roads Board.

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