St Marys River Tour ©GaryMcGuffin
St Marys River Tour ©GaryMcGuffin

St. Marys River Parade of Paddles
St. Marys River Parade of Paddles


St Marys River Tour ©GaryMcGuffin
St Marys River Tour ©GaryMcGuffin

Canoes for Conservation

Environmental Goals

Improve water protection awareness around Lake Superior


Minimize impacts of our operation to the local environment


Be mindful of various knowledge systems guiding environmental protection in our region

Our Big Canoe Philosophy

We believe in connecting people back to the waterways that were historically integral to all peoples. The use of these waterways for thousands of years for trade, travel, fishing, gathering, and meeting.


The story of the healthy ecosystem, whitefish, and clean water. These waterways are central to our health and well-being, yet we connect with them decreasing frequency.


We believe in linking visitors to the past by telling all of the stories of the canoe as it relates to the land—the forest materials and the traditional canoe building skills of our local peoples. The canoe has been the mainstay transportation for time immemorial. The exploration of the early traders and Voyageurs of the fur trade, the Métis Nation, throughout the traditional territory of the Anishnaabeg. These stories around the canoe are all important for recognizing our ties to the land, original Peoples, and our health & well-being.

Our tour profits go towards protecting Lake Superior

We believe in facilitating an immersive experience that has lasting impact on visitors to further promote ecological conservation and cultural preservation




Our aim is not to maximize the number of visitors paying for a tour but rather maximize the quality of the tour, the visitor experience and the educational value of the tour, in an economically, environmentally and culturally sustainable manner.

Once booked, we will follow up with a confirmation email.For any difficulties booking your experience please call our office @ 705-946-0044 or email us:

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