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Board of Directors

Board of Directors

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Patrick McLean


Patrick is the Director of Gerald Ford Institute for Leadership in Public Policy and Service at Albion College in Michigan where he has been teaching since 2013. 


Patrick has spent more than 20 years working in various state and local government positions including several years as Minority Chief of Staff in the Ohio Senate. For four years from 2010-2013, he was Finance Director for the City of Toledo, Ohio, where he guided the team that brought the city back from a $48 million deficit to finish in the black for the final two years of his tenure. 


Patrick has extensive experience with non-profits and community service groups, serving as board member, consultant, grant writer and/or executive director for organizations including Washtenaw Community College, the Ecology Center (Ann Arbor), Community Refugee and Immigration Services (Columbus) and several others.


He received his BA in Political Science from the University of Dayton, an MA in Political Science from Miami University and a second MA in International Relations from the Freie Universitaet Berlin.  He also has a certificate in Not-for-Profit Management and Fundraising from New York University.  His current academic interests include urban revitalization, politics in Central and Eastern Europe, Canadian history and politics, and immigration policy.


Patrick has a strong affinity for Canada and the outdoors.  He teaches courses at Albion about Canada with an emphasis on wilderness and the Group of Seven; leads tours for students in Ontario and Quebec; and did his first research on Canada more than 30 years ago when he studied political parties in Nova Scotia.  He is finally getting around to learning French.

Ted Claxton

Vice Chair

Edward (Ted) Claxton was employed in the Canadian federal government, first in the National Medical Library then, as a research assistant, in the Mineral Economics Section of the Department of Energy, Mines and Resources and in the Library of Parliament. He obtained his B.A. in Political Science and Public Administration from Ottawa’s Carleton University. He then attended the University of Ottawa where he obtained his Law Degree. He was called to the Bar of Ontario in 1979 as a Barrister and Solicitor. He is a Notary Public for Ontario and a Commissioner for the swearing of Oaths/Civil Declarations.


He began his legal practice as a Criminal Defence Counsel, including Criminal Appeals practice. After 10 years he transitioned into Civil Litigation practice that was his interest for 22 years. In 2012 he “retired” from active legal practice. Since that time, he has been teaching Paralegals and Law Clerks at triOS College in Kitchener. While in his teaching role he attended Brock University where he obtained his degree of Bachelor of Education in Adult Education.


Ted is an outdoors person. He was in Scouting and Cadets as a youth. He served in the Canadian Armed Forces Militia Reserve for 6 years and has continued volunteer leadership as a Scout leader for over 25 years.


He has travelled extensively on both sides of Lake Superior. His appreciation for Lake Superior began when he first saw it as child on trips between Alberta and his home town of Brockville, Ontario. Those trips, between 1952 and 1966, were on both sides of the Lake. He has been coming to Pancake Bay for an annual vacation since 2012. In that time, he has travelled Lake Superior’s North Shore between Sault Ste. Marie and Thunder Bay on several occasions.

Kime Dutkiewicz Collver


For over 40 years, Kime has lived in Goulais River, eastern Lake Superior. “My heart has always been drawn to the northern shore and I never take for granted the wonder and beauty of the diverse landscape, waterscape and wild life.”


Kime’s desire to be a part of the LSWC Board comes from her love of learning and teaching.  She has recently retired from the position of Superintendent of the Algoma District School Board.  Her experience as a classroom teacher, school administrator, superintendent and community member working and learning with students, parents, staff, Indigenous educators and Elders, and community partners is a great asset to the Conservancy.


 “I see my role as an LSWC director providing guidance, advice and direction to engage school boards, schools, educational institutions, students and staff in the majestic wonderland of our area and our great lake. We are so fortunate to live in this area and, with partnerships, we can expand understanding and knowledge.”  

Peggy Lauzon


Peggy has been working in the not-for-profit sector in Algoma, Ontario for many years.  She brings her extensive financial analysis and budgeting experience to the LSWC Board. Peggy founded her business The Aberdeen Group in 1988 in Aberdeen Township east of Sault Ste. Marie. Before that, she plied her trade in the Greater Toronto Area assisting franchisees at the then newly opened Hasty Market convenience store chain. She has grown her family and her business in northern Ontario. Along with her extensive business knowledge and expertise, Peggy is passionate about communication. She teaches strategic planning and community engagement at Algoma University and business skills to her staff and clients at TAG. Peg was honoured to receive the 2010 Woman of the Year award from the Business and Professional Women’s Club in Sault Ste. Marie.  She is also a graduate of University of Waterloo and the Humber School for Writers.

Peggy has extensive experience working with Boards in both a professional and volunteer capacity, most often in the Treasurer position or other financial capacity.

Gary McGuffin

Board Director

As a conservation photographer and wilderness explorer, Gary knows the northern Ontario and Great Lakes landscape intimately.  He has spent more than 30 years with his wife Joanie travelling in all seasons and sharing their stories through digital media, newsprint, magazines, television, and radio advocating for careful stewardship of our land and waters.


For 15 years, Gary has been championing the watershed of Lake Superior and is a founder of the Conservancy.  His most recent photography and research project tracking where the Group of Seven made their famous sketches in northern Ontario, culminated in the production of the film Painted Land: In Search of the Group of Seven.  The film highlights one of the Group’s most famous painting regions; the North Shore of Lake Superior. 


Gary and Joanie developed the strategy for Trans Canada Trail’s 1000 km/600 mile Lake Superior Water Trail—a project that is being implemented by the Conservancy.  Recently Trans Canada Trail officially made the McGuffins National Champions of The Great Trail.

Linda Weeks-Kaleita

Board Director

“Lake Superior is the crown jewel of our planet's freshwater ecosystem.   The lands surrounding it are integral to maintaining its health and vitality.  There will, and must be development, for the communities along its shores to survive, however that development has to be a part of the big picture to maintain the health of this ecosystem.  Providing access to the water and thereby appreciation of its beauty is of the utmost importance.”  

Linda is a big picture person.  She has served on a variety of boards including the Traverse City Light and Power where she initiated the removal of three century-old dams which have had long term ecological benefits.  She served on the Leelanau Trail Master Plan committee to develop a bike trail from Traverse City to Sutton’s Bay. And as both participant and race director, Linda served on the Vasa Board for cross country ski racing.

Linda and her late husband purchased a Discovery Map International franchise and turned it into a successful business in Traverse City.  She received teaching certificates in Biology and Chemistry and a degree in Social Work from Michigan State University. While teaching Adult Education, she covered history and current events at the local Senior Center based on the countries where there were current foreign exchange students.   “I would cook a cultural dinner, invite the students for a meal and have them talk about their country and answer questions from my senior students.   I learned so much.” 

Apart from skiing, Linda is avid bicyclist and canoer with her husband, Gary.  Her daughter is a doctor living on the shores of Lake Superior.  And her son works on freshwater initiatives with the United States Geological Survey (USGS)

Richard Wells

Board Director

With a BA in Chemistry from Albion College and a MA in chemistry from Wayne State University, Richard Wells’ entrepreneurial spirit led him to run the family business, Bulldog Boilers, which has now been in operation for over 100 years.  The company’s main service is the rental of mobile commercial-sized boilers to business and industry.


Richard is an avid outdoorsman, with a passion for Cross Country skiing, sailing and driving carriages pulled by his horse on his northern Michigan hobby farm.  He and his wife Linda are residents of Birmingham, Michigan.


“Why would a Detroit-area resident be on the Lake Superior Conservancy Board for eight years? I have been involved in sailboat racing on Lake Huron and Lake Michigan for 20 years, and I have been cross-country skiing in Ontario at Stokely Creek Lodge on Lake Superior for 35 years. I know all of the Great Lakes are interdependent on one another but Lake Superior, being the international Great Lake at the top of the system, is critical to the health of all the others below.  As Lake Superior water quality goes, so goes the lower lakes.”

Dean Krotchen

Board Director

Dean Krotchen is an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys every season. Being the son of an avid recreational fisherman, Dean naturally gravitated to being an angler, too. He is a paddler but more particularly, a sailor. He has explored all five of the Great Lakes; circumnavigating Huron and Michigan, and the St. Clair River, Participating in 15 Port Huron to Mackinac races and 4 Chicago to Mackinac races. Dean's ocean-going experience extends to competing in the Newport R.I. to Bermuda Yacht Club.

"I am passionate about the protection of the Great Lakes.  I view them as my home. I have seen first hand the extent of the plastic and debris in the Atlantic Ocean 600 miles off the coast of North America. I have made it a personal goal to become more involved to ensure this never happens to our Great Lakes. I am engaged with the mission of the Lake Superior Watershed Conservancy because it addresses the whole lake and the health of Lake Superior ultimately affects all the Great Lakes."

Jeff Hagan

Board Director

Jeff Hagan has been working for the Eastern Upper Peninsula Regional Planning and Development Commission, EUPRPDC, since 2000, and has been its Director/CEO since 2007.  Jeff holds a B.S. in Land Use Planning and Area Management from Lake Superior State University. As the Commission’s CEO he supervises all of the projects, programs, and staff, and he oversees development of the annual work plan, and budget preparation.  Jeff is also serves on the Board of Directors of the Michigan Association of Regions, currently as Vice-President, as well as serving on various local, regional and other bodies including the Lake Superior Watershed Conservancy.  Jeff is a member of the MEDC Redevelopment Ready Communities Advisory Committee.

Elle Jansen

Board Director

Elle is a recent graduate of Albion College where she studied Urban Planning and Public Policy. Her interest in the freshwater network began after working summers in Empire, Michigan, home of Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore.


After realizing her affinity for environmental advocacy, Elle joined the Public Programs and Community Engagement team at the Detroit Riverfront Conservancy. Her experience at the Detroit Riverfront Conservancy inspired her to move to Detroit to continue to participate in community development throughout the city.


In her free time, Elle enjoys convincing tourists that the Great Lakes are better than any ocean, supporting local and state government initiatives, and learning more about urban design.

Shana Shipperbottom

Board Director

Shana calls the shores of Lake Superior her home in Goulais River.  Since coming to live in Algoma, she has realized more than ever the importance of the watershed and the actions of people that live within it.  Nature has played an important part in her life since she was a small child and has influenced her decision-making processes throughout her life. Shana feels it is important to help keep our beautiful watershed healthy for people to use and enjoy for years to come.


Her background and career has mostly focused on community building and mobilizing in social services.  Shana loves building new relationships with people and understands how important it is through fundraising work at United Way.


Her volunteerism focused on the areas of politics, labour and the environment and found the most fulfillment when the three were woven together. Her experience is on committees such as Hamilton Blue Dot which advocated for the right to a healthy environment. She also worked on a campaign in Hamilton to shift to Greener Jobs for a More Sustainable Economy.  She currently works at Group Health Centre in Sault Ste Marie and is a trustee for the Goulais Mission Local Roads Board.

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LSWC Staff

LSWC Staff

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Joanie McGuffin

Executive Director

Joanie is an explorer, public speaker, educator and one of the founders of the Lake Superior Watershed Conservancy. She is the author of 8 books with her husband Gary. Their first photographic book, Superior: Journeys on an Inland Sea, chronicled their 3-month 1989 circumnavigation of Lake Superior by canoe.


“Lake Superior is the greatest freshwater lake on Earth.  Its wolf’s head-shape can be recognized from outer space at the heart of Turtle Island (North America). The Conservancy’s mission was set up to embody the whole watershed – not just a piece of it because water knows only nature’s boundaries.  If we can get individuals, communities, businesses, and industries to understand and work together for freshwater protection on Lake Superior, it is hope for the whole planet.”

Peter Greve

Programming Coordinator

Peter is a certified outdoor interpretive guide from Sault Ste Marie.  He particularly enjoys surfing, paddling, SUPing, swimming, hiking, and skiing anywhere along the shores of Lake Superior. Peter is excited to be a part of the Lake Superior Watershed Conservancy's Canoes for Conservation program by designing and delivering innovative themes and relevant enjoyable programming content for this safe, inclusive paddling experience.  Peter's job is to promote freshwater stewardship, cultural awareness, and ecological education through this on-water experience that LSWC can then share with partners around Lake Superior.  

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