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 2018 Lake Superior Water Trail Access Point User Survey Analysis 

Report Prepared by Professor Emeritus Allen MacPherson, Trent University – Trails Studies Unit, October 2018

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Abstract: Over the summer of 2018, the LSWC's Water Trail Ambassador visited Lake Superior Water Trail (LSWT) access points to survey visitors about their use of the access points, their awareness of the LSWT and what other amenities could add to their enjoyment of the Lake Superior shoreline. This data will be used to plan future initiatives at the LSWT access points. 

Among Friends: The Newsletter of Cross-Border Conservation (10-year Anniversary Issue)  

By: American Friends of Canadian Land Trusts

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Celebrating 10 years of Canadian-American Collaboration and Conservation Success

American Friends Newsletter
Water Trail Survey
Sault Naturalist Hilb Index
Newsletter Nov. 2018

LSWC Newsletter 

November 2018

A look back at all of LSWC's growth over 2018.

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 Sault Naturalist: Francis Hilb Preserve Fen Outing 

Written by Sue & Bill Meades, July 2018

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Abstract: On July 14, the Sault Naturalists visited the Francis Hilb Preserve on Goulais Mission Rd. The Preserve is a 9-acre fen donated to the Lake Superior Water Conservancy (LSWC) by the family of Francis Hilb. This document includes a record of the Sault Naturalists visit to the preserve and an index of all the trees, shrubs, forbs, graminoids and pteridophytes they found within the preserve. 

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