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One of LSWC’s activities is the acquisition of land, or acquiring the interests in land through conservation easements, for the purpose of conservation.


A land trust (also known as a nature conservancy or land conservancy) is a non-profit charity that works with landowners to conserve, protect and steward land for its natural, cultural, recreational, historic and/or productive values. There are two main ways to accomplish this: an outright sale or donation of property to a land trust, or the creation of a conservation easement.  In the case of a conservation easement, the landowner retains ownership while the land’s natural (cultural, recreational, historic) features are protected through a permanent, legally binding agreement that is registered with the property’s deed. 


Land Trusts abide by a Code of Standards and Practices.



If you own a piece of land you love for its natural, recreational, cultural, and/or historic values, there are a variety of ways to protect those values for perpetuity.


Become educated in the positive tax benefits that you may receive with a donation of land or by setting up a conservation easement through a land trust like LSWC.  Such benefits are outlined here for US taxpayers owning US lands, here for Canadian taxpayers owning Canadian lands, and here for US Taxpayers owning Canadian lands.  There are further tax incentives that we encourage you to explore through your own expert financial and legal advice.


Ontario Land Trust Alliance

OLTA is committed to supporting Ontario land trusts to achieve their missions, through education and training, grants, and promotion of our collective impact. This work is guided by OLTA’s Strategic Plan (2021 – 24), which lays the foundation for where we want to be as an organization, and how we will realize our shared vision – a landscape rich with connected and protected spaces, supported by a thriving conservation community. 


Land Trust Alliance

Land is the answer

The Land Trust Alliance is the voice of the land trust community. As the national leader in policy, standards, education and training, we work passionately to support land trusts so they can save and secure more lands now and for future generations.

If you love the land, there's a lot you can do.

Land is the key to a healthy and secure future for all Americans. It provides pure drinking water, healthy food, clean air and places to reflect and recreate.


American Friends of Canadian Conservation

American Friends of Canadian Conservation partners with Canadian conservation organizations and American owners of environmentally and ecologically significant lands to protect Canada’s natural lands, clean water, abundant habitat, and quality of life for citizens of both countries.  In addition we back stewardship, public outreach and education, and the conservation activities of Canadian land conservation entities and organizations.

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