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Wisconsin Water Trails

If the shape of Lake Superior is seen as a wolf’s head, the Wisconsin part of the Lake Superior Water Trail is at the tip of the wolf’s nose.  It is a 400 mile (640 km) stretch of shoreline between Duluth’s sister city Superior, Wisconsin and the Montreal River on the Michigan-Wisconsin border.  As with many places along Lake Superior’s sandy south shore, there are miles of beaches. The Apostle Islands National Lakeshore is known for its clear turquoise waters and rich red sandstone. Paddling beneath cliffs and into sea caves are among the highlight experiences. East of Chequamegon Bay, the internationally recognized Kakagon-Bad River Slough, and is part of the largest wetland on all of Lake Superior.

In the heart of the Apostles lies Madeline Island, the cultural hub of the Anishinabe Nation. Two of the Chippewa, or Ojibwe, communities --Red Cliff and Bad River—are working hard to restore and protect the natural environment where they have long fished, hunted and harvested wild rice. Their Lands should be respected as private property. 

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Wisconsin Lake Superior Water Trail

Michigan Water Trails

Michigan has a rich network of trails that are interconnected. 

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St. Marys River Island Explorer Water Trail

Lake Superior East Water Trail

Hiawatha Water Trail

Keweenaw Water Trail 

Western U.P. Water Trail


Minnesota Water Trail

The Minnesota Lake Superior Water Trail 

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Minnesota Lake Superior Water Trail



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