History of the Gargantua Islands Preserve

Cape Gargantua with its imposing cliffs, ancient cedars, and screen of volcanic rock islands, is one of the most spectacular wilderness sections of the entire Lake Superior coast. The Lake Superior Water Trail runs right through the middle of the islands, and they are visited by over half of all Lake Superior Provincial Park's backcountry travellers. So it came as a surprise to the Park when three brothers claimed ownership and approached the Park about purchasing them. When neither Ontario Parks nor the Ontario government could assist, Lake Superior Provincial Park contacted the Lake Superior Watershed Conservancy to see what was possible.

As it turns out, the Conservancy was able to facilitate an agreeable outcome through a landmark “cross-border” gift to American Friends of Canadian Land Trusts. The largest of these is Nanabijou’s Island (also known by the derogatory name of Devil’s Warehouse Island). The archipelago contains high natural and cultural heritage values including arctic-alpine plants.