Weekend Goals #1: Visit a Park in the Fall

Pancake Bay Campgrounds. (Photo by Holly Drew)

Pancake Bay Campgrounds. (Photo by Holly Drew)

#LSWeekendGoals: Visit a Park in the Fall

With just a few more days until the end of summer, most people are already getting back into their normal routines. Be it a work or a school routine, most are thinking their park visiting days are over for the year, but they don't have to be! Fall is an incredibly gorgeous time to visit a provincial or state park before they close for the season.

Fall is my favourite time to go hiking around the Lake Superior watershed. Gold and amber leaves fall and crunch under our feet as we climb over ancient volcanic rock formations. On a coastal trail, you see the autumn winds lift the waves metres up into the air. From above, you can see a sea of coloured leaves.

Do you have a favourite park you like to visit in the summer? Have some holes in your schedule before winter comes? Check out the operating times of your favourite Provincial or State Parks around Lake Superior to experience them from a new perspective.

Lake Superior Provincial Park: Awausee Trail Lookout. (Photo by Holly Drew)

But It's Cold Out!

"But it's cold out. Why should I go if I can't go swimming or sunbathing?" I hear you asking. Well here is a list of activities I highly recommend you give a try this fall:

  1. Enjoy a cup of cocoa (or coffee) around a campfire

  2. Hike up a mountain trail to see the autumn leaves from up high

  3. Hike any trail really, it's an adventure worth taking come autumn

  4. Take family photos with Lake Superior surrounded in golden leaves as a stunning backdrop

  5. Go canoeing or kayaking on a calm park lake or river

  6. Road trip to local waterfalls

  7. See if a park is hosting a special event or workshop

Links to Provincial and State Park Information Around Lake Superior:

Ontario Parks: 2018 Operating Dates


Michigan DNR: Places To Go


Wisconsin State Park System: Find A Park


Minnesota State Parks and Trails: Park Finder


Lake Superior Provincial Park: Awausee Trail. (Photo by Holly Drew)

There is Always Winter Camping

Not all of the parks close in the fall. Alternatively, you can look into winter camping. That's a goal for another weekend!


Author Bio:

Holly Drew is a professional writer from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, where she has spent a lot of time hiking in the beautiful Algoma District and Upper U.P., Michigan. Holly’s other home is in Lima, Peru, where she lived for one year as a Rotary International Exchange Student. Holly also volunteers as a Communications and Events Coordinator for Youth Odena, a by-youth-for-youth advocacy group in Sault, Ontario.

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