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Trip Planning on the Lake Superior
Water Trail
Water Trail Safety
Water Trail Lockers

These lockers are for day use or overnight use by self-propelled water travellers.  Each location has two lockers that are 7.3 metres (24 ft) long by 115cm (45.3 in) wide by 82 cm (32.3 in) high. 

A few things to note:

1. To properly secure your paddlesports gear, you will need to bring two locks with you; one for each door on either end of the locker.

2. The lockers are designed to properly vent, protect your gear from weather and wildlife, and protect your gear from scratches. Please do not jam or force equipment that will not fit.

3. Camping is available at the following locker locations: Bobbi Bennett Memorial Park, Terrace Bay Beach, Nipigon Boat Launch and Red Rock Boat Launch.

Secure Locker pics.001 copy.jpg

The Watercraft Lockers are located in

1. Bobbi Bennett Memorial Park, Prince Twp, Ont 

2. Terrace Bay Waterfront, Terrace Bay, Ontario

3. Nipigon Boat Launch, Nipigon, Ontario

4. Red Rock Boat Launch, Red Rock, Ontario

5. Lorne Allard Fisherman’s Park, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Secure Locker pics.002 copy.jpg

The Locker Project wouldn't be possible without the valuable contributions from:

Trip Planning

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Step 1: Which coast do you want to paddle?

Wisconsin Water Trail

If the shape of Lake Superior is seen as a wolf’s head, the Wisconsin part of the Lake Superior Water Trail is at the tip of the wolf’s nose.  It is a 400 mile (640 km) stretch of shoreline between Duluth’s sister city Superior, Wisconsin and the Montreal River on the Michigan-Wisconsin border.  As with many places along Lake Superior’s sandy south shore, there are miles of beaches. The Apostle Islands National Lakeshore is known for its clear turquoise waters and rich red sandstone. Paddling beneath cliffs and into sea caves are among the highlight experiences. East of Chequamegon Bay, the internationally recognized Kakagon-Bad River Slough, and is part of the largest wetland on all of Lake Superior.

In the heart of the Apostles lies Madeline Island, the cultural hub of the Anishinabe Nation. Two of the Chippewa, or Ojibwe, communities --Red Cliff and Bad River—are working hard to restore and protect the natural environment where they have long fished, hunted and harvested wild rice. Their Lands should be respected as private property. 

To Learn More, click on the link below

Wisconsin Lake Superior Water Trail

Michigan Water Trail Network

Michigan has a rich network of trails that lead you across the state. There are many coastal sight lines to enjoy with the most colourful being the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore.  :

Lake Superior East Water Trail

Minnesota Water Trail

Click this link to learn more:


Minnesota Lake Superior Water Traill


Step 2: Highlights you can't miss on the way

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